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Where could i buy tickets for the biggest lottery in the world? The powerball lottery of America. It is easy to buy and play online for the Powerball lottery. The price for a ticket is about £ 10,- / € 13,50 for 3 lines

People can buy official US Powerball tickets online with jackpots that start at $40,000,000 and have reached as high as $1.58billion! They can choose five main numbers from 1-69 and one Powerball number from 1-26 to enter this draw on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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People can play Powerball online by selecting five main numbers from 1-69 and single power ball additional number from a guess range of 1-26 on their choice of 3-line or 5-line tickets. US Powerball winning numbers are selected each Wenesday and Saturday at 23:00 Est, and their official Powerball lottery ticket could make them the lottery world’s next dollar multi-millionaire! When a player buys lottery tickets online with th partners of Eurlottery365, they will see a scanned copy in their private account before every draw. Select a lucky number for the next Powerball draw with quick pick, manual selection, or a player’s saved lucky numbers!

powerball ticket online

Where could i buy powerball lottery tickets?

Powerball tickets are available to buy in 47 US states and territories and Eurolottery365 service makes tickets available worldwide. Local offices buy official US Powerball lottery tickets on a person’s own behalf from inside the US, people will see a scan of any and all Powerball tickets they buy in the account before the relevant draw.
Powerball offers an optional multiplier known as the Power Play, which multiplies the seven bottom prize divisions by 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 times, depending on the draw and jackpot size. Matching five main numbers and the Power Play still makes players a multi-millionaire by doubling Powerball’s second place prize to a staggering $2,000,000! To add the multiplier, simply check the Power Play box when buying the Powerball tickets online.

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Win with Eurolottery365 and receive automated win notifications via email or SMS. Powerball prizes from division four down will go straight into a secure online account soon after the results are published. If a player wins a larger prize or an 8 or 9-figure jackpot, he or she will be invited to collect the prize in person in the US! All Powerball wins are subjected to state and federal taxes. For more about taxes on US Powerball wins, people can go to the US Powerball info page.

Starting Powerball jackpot about 40 million Dollar

With an impressive $40,000,000 starting jackpot, US Powerball offers the biggest starting jackpot of any world lottery, and its $1.58 billion personal best from January 2016 is the all-time lottery world record! Match all five main numbers and the Powerball and a player could be celebrating a multi-million dollar win in America’s favourite lotto! In addition to the jackpot, Powerball fans can win one of eight exciting secondary prizes including a second prize that starts at $1 million.

Powerball is in the midst of a new rollover streak, but millionaires are still being made through this iconic lottery game. Three second place winners won big by matching all five main numbers on 30 April. The $1 million tickets were sold in California and New York. Unfortunately neither ticket owner purchased the Power Play. Play Powerball online for a chance to win millions this week and remember to add the Power Play to multiply your secondary prizes.

On 2 March, the $291.4 million jackpot was won by a ticket sold in Florida. James Stocklas, a judge from Pennsylvania, bought the ticket for himself and two friends to share while on vacation. The other two friends have not been named in the media. Stocklas wasn’t the only Powerball winner in the family. His brother Bob took home $7 in the same draw. Florida Lottery had both men pose with huge cheques for their wins in an adorable brotherly photo-op!

PowerBall is an USA lottery game sold through U.S. lotteries as a shared jackpot lotto pool game. It is coordinated by the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL), a non-profit association.

As of 15th of January 2012, to play the lotto game, a player picks five numbers from 1 to 59 (white balls) and one additional number from 1 to 35 (the red Powerball number.) The minimum jackpot prize is a $40 million annuity disbursed in 30 payments over 29 years. When the lotto jackpot rolls over, it increases by at least $10 million (e.g. $50 million after one roll.) The 30 annuity payments are not equal but based on an increasing rate schedule.

PowerBall lotto drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday at MUSL’s studio in West Des Moines, Iowa, normally at 10:59 p.m. Eastern Time (9:59 p.m. Central.) Lottery drawings are occasionally scheduled at remote locations. The results of drawings are not official until they are audited by the accounting firm LWBJ, LLP.

On February 18, 2006, the lotto jackpot worth $365 million was won by a single ticket sold in Nebraska. That single ticket was shared by eight meat plant workers. This is the largest Powerball lottery prize (per ticket).

Biggest Powerball winner on wednesday 13 january 2016

The world record-breaking 1.58 billion Powerball jackpot was won on Wednesday 13 January by three tickets purchased in California, Florida and Tennessee. Two of those tickets have been claimed publicly. The Tennessee winners are John and Lisa Robinson, a married couple in their fifties, and the Florida winner is 70-year-old Maureen Smith. The California winner has still not come forward.