German Lotto lottery

Playing at the German Lotto is quite an interesting thing. This is because the minimal jackpot is 1 million Euro and this jackpot will grow until someone has got the correct Lotto combination. The record for this Lotto is 45,4 million Euro. A lot of Dutch people, who live close to the border, do already play the German Lotto and find it great. A huge advantage of this Lotto is that players do not have to visit Germany in order to receive a ticket. Nowadays, people who want to have a German Lotto ticket can buy this on the internet. Playing at the German Lotto is thereby simplified.

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For actual playing at the German Lotto people have to choose 6 numbers between 1-49 and 1 extra number between 1-9. People can already win the jackpot by buying a ticket of just 2,50 euro. For playing along at the German Lotto people have to buy at least 6 Lotto tickets, this will be a total of 15 euro. People will get discounts when they participate in several drawings and the discounts can go up to 25%!

lot kopen voor lotto duitsland

Choosing the Lotto numbers can be done by the person himself or can be done randomly picked by a computer. Whatever the choice of the player is, the picking of the numbers will be done on a fair basis because there will be a strict German notary who keeps an eye on the process.

German Lotto drawings 2023

The drawings will be on every Wednesday and Saturday at 17 o’clock. A player wins when he or she has all the six numbers correct included the extra number. Players will already receive a prize even if they have three or two numbers and the extra number correct. On the third of October 2015 the jackpot was 7.7 million euro, on the eigth of August 2015 the jackpot was even higher, 13.7 million Euro.

Another important advantage of the German casino is that a player can participate at every single drawing. This setting can be made online and will make sure the player will never miss a drawl. The last great thing of the German online Lotto is that the players never have to miss a prize because he or she forgets about it. The prize that has been won by a player is direct being transferred to the bank account of the player so no matter he or she forgets about it, he or she will receive the deserved money.