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Several of the EU’s largest Jackpots are offered by the Italian SuperEnalotto. Three times per week the SuperEnalotto selects its winning numbers: on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The winning participants are awarded substantial cash prizes, up to millions. Purchase your SuperEnalotto tickets online, and have a shot at being the winner of Italy’s most popular lottery.

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Jackpot Records for SuperEnalotto Italy

Due to several fortunate lotto rollovers, the jackpot took on incredible proportions. The first rollover streak began at the start of 2009 and went on until August of that year. The process became world news and lotto players from all over the globe flew to Italy in order to be able to participate. Now you do not have to spend time and resources on such travels: you can buy your lottery tickets online. Ultimately, after 9 months of hope and anticipation, the 147.8-million-euro jackpot was won by a single person from Tuscany. This whole processes repeated itself a year later, when due to another rollover streak, the previous record was broken with a pool prize of 177.8 million euro.

Italian Lotto’s prize categories

In order to not only win in no less than six of the Italian Lotto’s prize categories, but actually go home with the jackpot, you have to select 6 correct numbers from a range of 1 to 90. The extra number of the SuperEnalotto is named the Jolly, and is picked during the draw. In order to win the 2nd prize, you have to select 5 winning numbers correctly, and guess the Jolly. SuperEnalotto does not have a cap on its jackpot, meaning that in can roll over indefinitely. Like every Italian lottery, SuperEnalotto prizes are taxed between 1 to 6%.

SuperEnalotto around Italy
Ever since July 9, 2009, winning numbers have been selected independent of regional lotteries. Initially, SuperEnalotto’s first number was selected by local lotteries in Florence, Palermo, Rome, Bari, and Milan. The Jolly number was drawn in Venince. Now SuperEnalotto does not have to rely on these smaller lotteries anymore.

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The “Jolly” bonus number

The SuperEnalotto numbers and the SuperStar are not the only numbers you have to predict correctly. During the draw there’s also an extra number known as the ‘Jolly’. However, you don’t have to guess it correctly to win the Jackpot,. Sometimes it does lead to some extra prize money. Your lottery ticket needs to have 5 matching numbers. If the “Jolly” number is also correct, you’ll win a 5+1 prize. The lottery draw always takes place on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Thousands of nervous Italians are watching the coverage on television. Who knows if luck is at their side? Although the basic elements of the SuperEnalotto have stayed the same in the past 20 years, some things have changed as well. 8 years ago the lottery organization decided to organize a single draw in Rome.

New system for the lottery draw

Until 2009 all the numbers were drawn in 7 Italian cities, namely Rome, Milan, Naples, Florence, Palermo and Bari. The draw of the ‘Jolly’ number took place in the beautiful city of Venice. The lottery draw in the cities led to some practical problems. What if a number was drawn in a city, and the same one appeared in another city? The lottery decided that if the first number had already appeared, the second number of the draw was used and so on. This system prevented that the numbers of the cities would be the same, which would have made a Jackpot hit impossible. The lottery decided to change this system 8 years ago. Nowadays there’s just a single draw for the winning numbers and the “Jolly” bonus number. A second draw is held to reveal the “SuperStar” number. This new system is more organized and prevents problems with duplicate numbers.

Odds of winning

Perhaps you’re a new player who likes to try the SuperEnalotto first. Luckily, a ticket for one try costs just 1 euro. SuperEnalotto has five prize categories in total. Your prize money depends on the numbers you’ve predicted correctly. Your lottery ticket needs to match at least 2 numbers to win. Six correct numbers from a 1-90 range means that you win the Jackpot! The odds of winning are the following:

Match Odds
2 1: 21.51
3 1:327
4 1:11,907
5 1:1,250,230
6 1:622,614,630

Jackpot records of the SuperEnalotto
The odds show that it’s very difficult to win the SuperEnalotto Jackpot. On the other hand the very small chance on having a Jackpot hit leads to very high prizes. Winners don’t even have to pay taxes on the prize money. Besides that, you only have to pay 1 euro to pay for a lottery ticket. So who knows if Lady Fortune is helping this time? She was definitely present when an a group of Enalotto players won 177,7 million euros on October 30, 2010. The amazing Jackpot hit took place until 8 months and thus had risen incredibly. The largest Jackpot ever won was 147,8 million euros in August 2009. The single winner and new millionaire lives in dreamy Tuscany.

The playing procedure of the SuperEna lottery is very similar to that of the UK Lotto – National Lottery in that it is based on a simple six number selection. Six winning numbers are drawn, along with a bonus number (referred to as the Jolly Number). The fundamental difference is that your selection is made from 90 numbers. For this reason, the odds are lengthened, but the happy consequence of this is that the jackpots often grow to vast amounts, and let’s be honest, we are all in it to win massive jackpots.

The six winning numbers are made up of the first-drawn unique numbers from the regional lotteries of Bari, Milan, Rome, Palermo, Florence and Naples (not necessarily in that order). In the event of a common first-drawn number, the second drawn number from that city’s lottery is used.

SuperEna was first played in Italy on 3 December 1997. Drawings take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The jackpots won are among the largest in Europe, often reaching over €,50,000,000.

A record breaking prize of €177,729,043 was won by a single ticket holder in October 30, 2010! The jackpots are among the largest in the world! With over 10 years in the lottery business, this game continues to grow globally, particularly with the convenience of the internet giving access to people everywhere.

The initial jackpot of the game starts at €1,300,000 which will rise on rollover until it is won. At present, there is no limitation to either the size of the jackpot or the amount of rollovers that can take place.

There are five payout categories: Match 6(Jackpot), Match 5 + Bonus, Match 5, Match 4 and Match 3. Payout amounts for each category vary according to the prize pool.