Systems and strategy for the euromillions lottery

The best Lottery Number Selection Strategy there is! Assuming the lottery is completely random, then what numbers should a player select ? Actually, that’s the wrong question really, because it should be what numbers shouldn’t a player select. This is because, being a greedy swine, players want all the money to themselves if they win the jackpot, so it’s important to avoid “obvious” numbers and sequences that other people might use.

Tips to use for the best Lotto numbers strategy

• Don’t choose more than 2 consecutive numbers. The sequences 1,2,3 and 57,58,59 are definitely ones to avoid for the eurojackpot lotto
• Don’t choose multiples of a number (with or without an offset). Multiples of 5 are definite no-no, because the playslip rows are in multiples of 5, so if you’ve picked 1,6,11,16,21,26 or 5,10,15,20,25,30, then go right to the back of the class.
• Choose at least one number above 31, because loads of people will use ALL birthdates and you need to make sure that you aren’t one of them.
• Don’t pick more than 2 numbers that are less than or equal to 12, because these clash with months as well as birthdates.
• Make sure that at least one of the numbers isn’t in the union set of the most/least frequent winning numbers. This union set is calculated by combining the 6 (or more) most and 6 (or more) least frequent winning numbers.
• Don’t choose any of previous draws’ sets of 6 winning numbers (or 5+bonus numbers) – there’s bound to be some people who’ll try this.
• If you know the 6 numbers someone else has used, don’t use all 6 of them yourself, because you’ll have to share the jackpot !

In fact, that last point is interesting because, it may means that, if players want to take things to extremes, they shouldn’t reveal their numbers to anyone else in case they copy them. However, they’d be extremely stupid to do so because it stops them getting an outright jackpot. It is wise to nicknamed numbers that conform to the above guide as “RKL random numbers” and players can even generate them their selves.

Outside of the above restrictions, pick anything in preference. Players can use their full telephone number split into two digit numbers plus the birthdate. Fortunately, all of these were under 50 and the phone number even reads perfectly left to right on the lottery ticket if the player drops its birthdate ! Also, 3 of the numbers are above 31 and 3 aren’t and there are no consecutive numbers. There is a 3-number multiple sequence (with an offset) though, but it’s not a sequence someone would normally pick.

System numbers

There is no fool proof system or strategy that can be relied upon to win the EuroMillions Lottery. Despite all of this, hundreds of lottery systems have been developed over the years by avid players who were keen to crack the secret. There are several strategies which will give a player a bigger chance of winning the lottery. A couple of these strategies will be explained in the following text.

The dream scheme. Dream interpreters insist that people can find significant meaning hidden within our dreams with some even suggest that people can interpret these events numerically in order to find ‘’lucky numbers’’. According to the author of the ‘’National Lottery book’’, Sam Weren, dreams can be translated into a sequence of numbers that could help players discover the winning lottery formula. Weren provides readers with a list of themes that commonly occur in dreams as well as providing corresponding number sequence. Weren Hypothesises that if players study these sequences in repetition of numbers, they could use numbers which are repeated to find a winning combination.

The best strategie to choose a number at Euromillions are!

Birth of a baby, birthday, weddingday, christmas, special days, number of house

There also is a method of assigning numbers to letters in order to obtain a set of digits that parallels a name, place or even a word. People can use the chart below to convert their name into lucky numbers.
Some players like to include just one key number, or a ‘’so called’’ soul path number in every sequence. People can find there Soul Path number by adding the digits of their birthday and make one number out of it.

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