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Started in 2002, the Lotter was the first ever company which brought the opportunity to buy 51 different tickets of lotteries throughout the entire world. The Lotter is an independent ticket buying firm which has more than 20 local offices spreaded across the world. The local representatives buy lottery tickets for their players from official lottery suppliers. The Lotter is a service from The Lotter Enterprises Ltd., established at Landsdowne Row 2, London, W1J6HL, United Kingdom.

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Players at The Lotter can buy official lottery tickets at no matter where you are from. If the player is Irish who loves the US Powerball lottery or an Australian who can not stop playing EuroMillions everyone will get something he or she wants, no matter what. The only thing the players of the Lotter need to do is creating a new online account which is a complete personal account.

Throughout the years, the Lotter has provided tickets fort he best international lotteries. They have had over a million of prize winning players at the website, which proves the Lotter is succes guaranteed. For this succes guaranteed, the Lotter offers its service in providing the lottery ticket. The price of this service is already calculated in the price of the lottery ticket the player buys.

After a player has bought its ticket at, one of the company’s local representatives buys the tickets at an official lottery. After this transaction the representative will scan the codes which will give the player acces to its ticket on its own personal account at the Lotter. Every lottery ticket will have a serial number, which provides information of the lottery ticket in terms of date, time and placet he ticket was bought. These information can be checked at all times at the official lottery store. After the ticket is scanned, the ticket will be held in a safe environnemt in the local office of the Lotter.

During the announcement of the winning numbers, the Lotter will inform the player when he or she has won a prize. This will be done by sending the player a tekst message or an email. After this, the entire amount of prize money will be transferred directly into the account of the player. At the Lotter players will never have to pay some sort of commision over their prizes. When winning a very big amount of money players sometimes need to visit the betting office for claiming this amount. When winning a great amount of money, the VIP team of the Lotter will guide the player with the documentation of the paperwork and will pay for the journey he or she has to make in order to pick up the prize.

Winners TheLotter players

Throughout the years, The Lotter has transferred more than $50 million tot heir customers. Along with this transfers there were some big winners:

1. M. M. — 2015, Oregon Megabucks, $6,4 million
2. P. — 2016, US Powerball, $1 million
3. H. V. — 2016, US Powerball, $1 million
4. B. U. — 2012, US Powerball, $1 million
5. S. — 2016, Lotto Oostenrijk, €824.000
6. A. K. — 2013, Italië SuperStar, €578.000
7. I. K. — 2013, EuroMillions, €489.000
8. A.G. — 2012, Mega Millions, $250.000
9. N. B. — 2011, Mega Millions, $250.000

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When having questions about the service or the account that is yours, please contact the helpdesk team of the Lotter. Players can also take a look at the FAQ rubric for more information.
If you want to make a transfer, the company’s information is listed below;
The Lotter Enterprises Ltd.
Barrack Road 35
Belize City Belize
Registration number: 59448
Creditcard verwerking:
Aikmina Services Limited
17 Gr. Xenopoulou, Cyprus