Tunderball UK online

Three times a week, on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, the UK Thunderball announces the lucky people who won in one of its nine prize divisions. To play in this exciting UK lotto game, participants can join the Lottery UK online, and have a shot at the massive jackpot.

History UK Thunderball’s

The first time the UK Thunderball was held was in 1999, on June 12th, and since then it has continuously offered players a fixed jackpot of no less than 500.000 pound. The Camelot Company oversees the UK Thunderball, which was created by the UK’s official lottery organization: the UK National Lottery.
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Jackpot Thunderball

The USA Powerball Lottery has inspired the UK Thunderball. The UK version’s structure and rules have a lot in common with its USA cousin, whilst providing participants with some of the best winning odds to be found in the UK.

UK Thunderball Guidelines
In order to participate, players select 5 numbers from a pool of 1 to 39, with one extra number: The Thunderball. This number is drawn from a different pool with a range of 1 to 14. This extra Thunderball number allows participants to have a chance of winning additional prizes. Morever, without the correct Thunderball it is impossible to win the jackpot. If you play on theLotter.com, you can select the numbers of your choice in order to fill out a 3 or 6 entry from (natural selection); you can have the system randomly select numbers (Quick Pick); or you can select numbers from the saved numbers on your account (My Numbers).

Draw UK Tunderball

On Wednesday, 22:30, Friday, 22:35, and Saturday 20:30, the winning numbers are selected at the main lottery office in the UK’s capital. It is possible to purchase tickets on theLotter up to three hours before the draw. The outcomes of the Lottery will be published on theLotter.com at 8 in the morning, on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

In addition, theLotter.com offers ultimate value with a subscription that offers every 10th entry, free of charge, or with a Multi-Draw set with up to 25% discount on the normal participation costs of buying tickets in advance.

UK Thunderball funds
The UK Thunderball funds do not only go to the Camelot company, which runs the UK Thunderball. A percentage also goes to the Good Causes organisation, which is in charge of distributing the funds to charitable causes.

The lottery is proud of and renowned for guaranteeing that 1 out of 29 participants will be winners. Additionally, the chances of hitting the jackpot are amongst the highest of the world. You can look at the Winning Odds charts on the UK Tunderball, More Info, webpage in order to learn more about the chances of winning.

Players of the UK Thunderball lottery stand the chance to win in no less than nine prize categories. In order to win the fixed top prize of 500,000 pounds, the Thunderball is required, next to correctly selecting the 5 numbers. The extra Thunderball number is crucial too to the 3rd, 5h, 7th, 8th, and 9th prize divisions. No matter the amount of jackpot wins, every player that comes in first will receive the 500,000-pound top prize tax free.
If one has won the lottery, they have 180 days to claim their prize. Prizes left unclaimed will be offered to the charitable causes of the Good Causes Foundation.