What makes EuroMillions such a unique lottery?

A EuroMillions draw takes place on Tuesday and Friday. It means that you can win the Jackpot two times a week! The minimum Jackpot is worth 17 million euros, with a maximum of 200 million euros. Incredible! When the record Jackpot of 2 million euros has fallen, the maximum for the next cycle is, believe it or not, 210 million euros! It goes up to 220 million, 230, 240 and even 250 million euros. Unbelievable!

More chance to win the Jackpot than ever
After February 2020 the Jackpots of EuroMillions will rise faster than before. Besides that, the lottery will organize three draws every year with a guaranteed Jackpot of around 130 million pounds. At the moment there are only two draws with a guaranteed Jackpot, so that’s good news. You have an extra chance to win a lot of money!

How to buy a ticket for EuroMillions?

Buying a ticket for EuroMillions is really easy. You can do it online at e-lotto.be or go to a point of sale. You only have to pay a minimum of 2,50 euros for a combination. Besides that, each lottery ticket has a so-called ‘My Bonus’ code per combination. With these codes, about 600 lottery participants win 500 euros every week. So what are you waiting for? Good luck!