Millionaire Maker Euromillions UK

All players of the UK version of EuroMillions are automatically entered into the Millionaire Maker draw which guarantees one lucky player will win £1 million. One Millionaire Maker code is automatically generated for each line of EuroMillions numbers purchased and consists of three letters and six numbers (e.g. ABC123456). Each code is then entered into the raffle draw where one is picked at random to win the prize. For winning the 1 Million pound prize, the ticket has to match 100% of the characters, which contains out of three letters and six numbers, in the order they appear. A partial match does not win a game.
The EuroMillions UK Millionaire Maker game guarantees that one player in the UK will win £1 million in every draw. As the two games are separate it is possible to win a prize both on the main EuroMillions game and the Millionaire Maker, so players are advised to check their tickets carefully.

Results and draw Millionaire Maker UK

Since the odds of winning are dependent on the number of tickets sold rather than matching a pool of numbers, the odds of winning the Millionaire Maker game will vary depending on the number of players in each game. For example, a midweek EuroMillions draw tends to have a lower number of players which means that the odds of winning midweek are better than winning on Friday.

Previously known as the Millionaire Raffle, this supplementary game was first introduced on Friday 13th November 2009 to offer UK players an extra chance of winning a prize when they played EuroMillions. Although one lucky player is chosen to win £1 million during every draw, occasionally special games are also held which pay out multiple prizes. In March 2014, an application was granted which allowed additional non-cash prizes to be offered alongside the existing £1 million prize, as well as renaming the game to signify the change. The first Millionaire Maker and Mega Friday draw took place on Friday 31st October 2014. To celebrate the launch 25 players had the opportunity to win £1 million along with a VIP trip to Makepeace Island in Australia. To date there have been 1,087 Millionaire Maker and Millionaire Raffle numbers issued from 564 draws, 28 of which were special draws where more than one raffle number was drawn on the same night.
If a player has won a Millionaire Maker prize then he will need to claim within 180 days of the draw date, as per the EuroMillions Rules. If the player does not claim in time, the prize will be allocated to the UK Good Causes fund.

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Mega Friday Millionaire makers

The following text has some information about special offers or bonuses and what they are made of. The first special offer is the Mega Friday. Mega Friday refers to special Millionaire Maker draws where non-cash prizes are offered in addition to the usual £1 million Millionaire Maker prize. People can visit the Mega Friday page for more information including a history of previous Mega Friday prizes.

The next great event is the super raffle. This is a name reserved for extraordinary Millionaire Maker events where a large quantity of £1 million prizes will be available in a single draw. More information will be available once the first Super Raffle has been announced.